by The Mount Majestic

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released May 3, 2014



all rights reserved


The Mount Majestic Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Using only the purest audio materials, The Mount Majestic is guaranteed to infiltrate your eardrums with sonic "good times." In a mahogany box wrapped in fine Corinthian leather, each dose of The Mount Majestic is sure to impress.

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Track Name: Son of a Gun
I was a young boy, mama said to me
The clever bird stays up in the tree
There's strength in numbers and it's cold alone
And you use both barrels if they sniff around our home

Nature is crimson in tooth and claw
They catch a scent, boy they will come all
Sister is sleeping and papa went away
I'm sorry but you have to be the man today

Three times he comes around tonight
Three times he’s going down
Three times they come around tonight
Three times they’re going down

Oh no,there goes the sun
Good God, this life is such a son of a gun
And the there's nowhere to run
You know this life is such a dirty rotten son of a gun

I hear a whisper, "Get away tonight
If you're gonna run boy, run for your life"
The wolf is howling outside of my door
Oh, he's gonna find out what this scatter gun is for
Track Name: Coram Deo
My time has come but I just don't wanna go
Oh no, I won't go
Shadow Man reaches out a burning hand
Get on the train, the long, black train

Oh, but I will not go easy in the night
You'll have to chew my bones, chew my bones
Won't leave now, it's just getting good

All I see, Coram Deo
The song, soul, love
All I see is Coram Deo

Off the ground and up into the sky we go
Oh no, good God, no
Shadow Man take your bones off my hand
Just let me go, God, let me go

Through the darkness and the pain inside this life
You know I am still salt, I am still light
I'll see you again when it is my time
But now I bid you a sweet goodbye


On My way home
Track Name: Drugs and a Shrink
Don't have money
Don't have time
Don't have happiness
Or peace of mind
Don't have joy
Don't have you
Don't have anything left
That I can do

Oh save me
You can do it baby

Don't have a body
I don't have sense
I don't have the money
To pay the rent
I don't have the drugs
And I don't have a shrink
I don't have a brain I trust
To think
Track Name: What I Like
Try to tell me that I’m going the wrong way
(Oh baby that’s what I like)
You take the shortcut, I’ll go the long way
(Oh baby that’s what I like)
Heart made of gold and a gleam in your eye
(Oh baby that’s what I like)
Take it all in like you’ve only got one life
(Oh baby that’s what I like)

Beat me down and I get back up
Make a bunch of rules and I tear em’ on up
Hair like the color of the evening sun
Got to get some of that sunset love

You can’t cover this till you’re grown
Just like The Beatles, The Stones
Or maybe Nina Simone

Act like I don’t belong in your club
I breathe the same air coming into my lungs
Hold me down and try to break my soul
But this is one boy you can’t control
Track Name: Never Enough
I have seen things that you would swear were just a dream
I wanna see more things, just line em’ up for me
I have eaten meals that are fit for any king
But give me more, more, more, much more of everything

All this want, it’s killing me
But I can’t get that apple back up in the tree

Everything I need is right here inside of me
But it’s never enough, no it’s never enough
Every breath I take is a gift I can’t forsake
But it’s never enough, no it’s never enough

I have felt love that you would swear was fantasy
But give me much more love, just let it bury me
I have found that treasure, golden in the sun
But let us go, go, go, and find another one


What about love? What about happiness?
What about waking up? What about thankfulness?
What about truth? What about grace?
What about loving life and finding your own way?

I won’t listen to these voices, drive them away forever
At least I’ve got to try
Hold on, things they will get better
At least that’s what I’m told and how can I deny?
Track Name: Mos Drop
I taste the sun
I smell the rain
And hear the thunder
I feel the pain
Track Name: Go! Go! Go!
I need a lot more hand and a lot less brain
I need a lot more crazy and a lot less insane
I need a lot more tiger and a lot less tame
Let's get it moving now baby come on go go go

I need a lot more truth and a lot less lies
I need a lot more hip and a lot more thigh
I need a lot more face and a lot less disguise
Let's get it moving now baby come on go go go

Night falls and the time she flies
Move that body while it's still alive
Daybreak is on the other side

I need a lot more gold and a lot less tooth
I need a lot less ink and a lot more tattoos
A lot less of me and a lot more of you
Let's get it moving now baby come on go go go

I need a lot more keys and a lot more strings
I need a lot more life and a lot less things
I need a lot more you and all that you bring
Let's get it moving now baby come on go go go

I need a lot less watch and a lot more time
And move that body while you’re still alive
I need more love of every single kind
Let's get it moving now baby come on go go go
Track Name: Static
If I say it louder
Will you hear me?
I know you're there
When you're near me

I listen but I don't hear a single word
Waiting for you is the hardest thing I've done

Patience is a virtue is what I've learned
Patience is a virtue is what I burn

I just need a light that will always shine
I just need a sign oh my God one sign

Cuz I don't know what I'm gonna do… again

Call and I call, I call, I call
All I get is static
Track Name: Carry Me
I looked in front of me and saw nothing but smoke
I said, "Good God, this must be a joke?"
He said “No it’s not. You can’t always count on there’s a path you can see”
I said, “At least put out a tightrope I can tiptoe out in front of me”

Carry my body, cradle my head
Lay my poor bones beside the river bed
Born of the water, raised in the sea
The arms of angels come down
And then carry me

I held my hands up just to cover my face,
I said “Lord, please, this must be erased.”
But there’s nothing I can do about the things that happen to me
You know the least that I can do
Is try to keep the past from following me
Track Name: Young Love
If this is young love, don’t wanna grow up
I don’t wanna grow up, no way
It’s cold out there tonight, don’t wanna go out
I don’t wanna go out, let’s stay

These atrocities, and reciprocities
Just set my silly brain on fire
We’re all damaged goods
Made out of rotten wood
And stacked up like a funeral pyre

It’s cold in the morning and it’s dark in the night
But you know we’re gonna be alright
It’s cold in the morning and it’s dark in the night
But you bet we’ll be alright

When that bitterness crawls out of emptiness
You think it’s time to disappear
But you can’t move along, with that heavy burden on
Don’t listen to them in your ear